Summer 14 launch of Virtual Parties

A party order can now optionally be partially or totally virtual, meaning that customers can be invited to an event through a URL which directs them to  place their orders though the distributor's own shopping site, choosing to have delivery direct or with the rest of the party, but in each case adding to the party order value and therefore the hostess rewards.  This facility can also be used at a physical party so the distributor can hand her smart phone / tablet to the customer so that she can enter her own card details.

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Pierre Lang launches 10 Countries with FourFront in first 2 weeks of March (Copy)

Today web sites for distributors in Luxembourg and Belgium went live to join the other 8 Pierre lang Countries - Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, UK, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

This has been a very exciting project and has required major enhancements to the FourFront CMS to allow the easy set up of multiple languages within each country site.

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Ann Summers goes with FourFront on launch of new Compensation Plan

When launching an exciting new compensation and car plan, Ann Summers wanted to access the tried and tested FourFront back office and web side distributor genealogy and recruitment reporting.

Party Plan is just one sales channel for Ann Summers and it has its own websites, warehousing and accounting systems. FourFront was commissioned to write seamless integration routines so that the Ann Summers sites could call on off the shelf web reports for commissions, genealogy and recruiting.

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