Back Office Software

Backoffice Software


This is Windows back office software used by Corporate staff only. It is the hub of the system and the web sites rely on it because it stores distributor information and genealogy structure, product details and pricing and compensation plan parameters. All transactions and balance are stored. The back office calculates commissions, sends out commission statements and produces BACS files for automated commission payments. It allows you to create an unlimited number of tables and price lists and provides a reporting and stationery print/email facility.



The compensation plan engine facilitates all types of plans ‘off the shelf’ including

  • Binary
  • Single Level
  • Party Plan
  • Forced Matrix
  • Unilevel
  • Off the shelf compensation plan modules calculating bonus based on
  • Retail & Wholesale
  • Qualifying & Commisionable Personal, Group, Team and Network Volumes
  • Differential %
  • Breakaways
  • Infinity Bonus
  • Levels & Generations
  • Bonus Pools
  • Qualification Criteria, Activity, and Recruiting
  • Compression
  • Roll Up
  • Unencumbered/Dedicated volume
  • Promotions / Demotions
Inventory & Dispatch

Inventory & Dispatch

The back office holds product data and you can either run it at the transaction level using warehouse locations whereby you enter / adjust all stock balances using Goods Receipts, Stock Takes, Stock Adjustments etc; or you can link with a third party warehouse management system.

Order and returns on the web allocate stock real time so you work with accurate balances at all times, and once processed from the web, the orders sit in the back office awaiting the production of picking documents / delivery notes, and invoices.



In addition to Inventory Management, the back office includes a full blown totally integrated accounting system comprising sales, purchase and nominal ledgers, in addition to a purchase order module. It includes standard financial reporting across all those ledgers. If you prefer, you can instead set up a link to third party accounting software



The back office has its own report writer from which all the standard reports provided are created. Reports can be printed or produced in Excel. Alternatively, as the data is industry standard MySql, any third party reporting tool can query the data



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Parcel Delivery and Tracking
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