Replicated Websites

Replicated Websites


When a distributor signs up on line he/she can be immediately and automatically allocated his/her own website. This comprises a B2C shopping cart for customers, a link to on line sign up for new recruits, and a series of informative content pages all controlled by Corporate. To this end it is an exact replica of the Corporate site – in fact you maintain only one set of pages – but in addition there is an area for the Distributor to personalise the site including a bio, image, and details of the distributor’s forthcoming events.

Shopping Cart

This is a typical ‘add to basket’ style shopping cart stylised as per your Corporate branding. Credit for any sales which come through the site is attributed to the distributor. You can set the rules on discount and commissionable volume to be different from normal distributor orders if you wish

New Distributor Sign Up

If someone is interested in signing up as a new distributor, they can read all about the opportunity here, and can sign up on line, and will immediately be placed in the downline of the distributor who owns the site. The new distributor will be invited to enter contact and banking details for commissions, select starter pack(s), elect to have his/her own site; with payment by credit card

Corporate Pages

You can have an unlimited number of corporate information pages, all easily content managed by you

Personal Details

New distributors are invited to email images and bios they’d like to use. These are uploaded to the site by corporate staff



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